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Girl names that start with ja

girl names that start with ja

J a- baby names and what they mean, with 66 results. Ja - names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the height of their. 1, Ja 'keevia, girl, American, 1, Vote for this name, Save name to favorites. 2, Jaana, girl, Scandinavian, 0, Vote for this name, Save name to favorites. 3, Jaanisha. Name, Meaning, Pronunciation, Derivations, Origin. Ja, Fiery, Jah, Hawaiian. Jaamini, Evening, Jaaminee, Jaaminey, Jaaminie, Jaaminy, Hindi. Jacey, Moon. Jaema, Jaemah, Jaemea, Jaemeah, Jaemee, Jaemey, Jaemi, Jaemia, Jaemiah, Jaemy, Jaemya, Jaemyah, Jahmea, Jahmee, Jahmi, Jahmia, Jahmiah, Jahmie, Jahmy, Jaima, Jaimah, J'aime, Jaime, J'aimee, Jaimee, Jaimea, Jaimeah, Jaimee, Jaimey, Jaimi, Jaimia, Jaimiah, Jaimie, Jaimini, Jaiminia, Jaiminiah, Jaimmie, Jaimy, Jaimya, Jaimyah, Jama, Jamah, Jamea, Jameah, Jamee, Jamei, Jameisha, James, Jamesa, Jamesah, Jamesha, Jamesi, Jamesia, Jamesie, Jameysha, Jami, Jamia, Jamiah, Jamii, Jamiia, Jamika, Jamikah, Jamilean, Jamileana, Jamileanah, Jamileane, Jamileen, Jamileena, Jamileenah, Jamileene, Jamilin, Jamilina, Jamilinah, Jamiline, Jamilyna, Jamilynah, Jamilyne, Jamis, Jamisa, Jamisah, Jamise, Jammea, Jammee, Jammey, Jammi, Jammia, Jammiah, Jammii, Jammiia, Jammiiah, Jammiie, Jamy, Jamya, Jamyah, Jamye, Jammyee, Jamyka, Jamykah, Jayma, Jaymah, Jaymea, Jaymeah, Jaymee, Jaymey, Jaymi, Jaymie, Jamini, Jayminia, Jayminie, Jaymma, Jaymmea, Jaymmeah, Jaymmi, Jaymmia, Jaymmiah, Jaymmie, Jaymmy, Jaymmya, Jaymy, Jaymya, Jaymye, Jaymyea, Jaymyee Hebrew Jamie-Lee A combination of Jamie and Lee, Replacer or Supplanter plus Meadow. A short form of names beginning with Jean. Challenges of new parenthood. A feminine form of John. Sportlotterie form of Jasmine.


Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names J

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